Here's What You'll Get...

- Phone Scripts for Mortgage Protection and Final Expense

- How to overcome objections on the phone

- How to decrease no show rates

- What are my favorite leads to run and why

- How to get profitable running this lead type

- How to set up your sales presentation

- What 8 things that are needed to have a successful presentation

- What are the objections you'll receive during the sales process and how to overcome it

- How to pivot from one company to another

- How to build a large insurance agency

Aryana J.

"This bootcamp gave me the structure and things I need to thrive as I start my life insurance business. The training is impeccable!"

David C.

"If this bootcamp wasn't available when I got started, I don't think I would've made it!"

Colton D.

"This bootcamp has been phenomenal. It's taught me how to make my clients feel comfortable when I sit down and protect their family."